An optimal microbiome is the key to a life of health and well-being

"This book explains how the microbiome affects our health and how to optimize it. It is a useful book for all readers, not only for those who suffer chronic diseases. Here you will discover that inflammation, migraines, anxiety, autism, difficulty to concentrate and disorders, such as depression or insomnia, can be caused for improper diet and inappropriate lifestyle. In addition to theory, readers will find basic tips and recipes that will translate into real changes in health and in daily life. Do not wait any longer to transform your life, the healthy path begins here and now."

Now available as an online virtual book!

What is the microbiome? They are our invisible friends, micro-organisms that live in our bodies. They represent 90% of the cells in the human body, and our health depends on them. The microbiome is a cutting-edge concept in holistic medicine and of vital importance for all.

In her new book, Dr. Sandra Rangel explains the microbiome and shows practical ways how to optimize your microbiome so you can enjoy more vibrant health in your life.

The book was published originally in Spanish and was a major success in South America. It is now available in English as a virtual, expanded version, a book that you can read online on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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What do you learn from this book?

  • What is the microbiome
  • What is causing an imbalance in the microbiome
  • How imbalance in the microbiome causes sickness
  • What illnesses are directly linked to microbiome imbalance
  • What is a leaky intestine or leaky gut
  • How to balance the microbiome in your digestive system
  • What are probiotics and prebiotics and how to get them
  • What supplements are helpful
  • How acid-alkaline balance affects the microbiome
  • Delicious recipes to nurture the microbiome

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